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SRP 2008: The Rules of the Game


1.  The SRP will be running from June 5-August 31.  You will have until September 8 to post reviews of books completed by August 31.  However, if you start a book before June 5 and finish it on or after June 5, you may grandfather it in.


2.  Post all reviews in the Reviews section of the wiki.  As the summer goes on, we might make different pages for different genres (hey, that's the fun of a wiki!).  You may also post the reviews on your blog, but that is not necessary for participation.  For each review, be sure you include your name along with title and author of the book.  It would be helpful if you also note how it fits into your goals, such as Review #3 or Challenge #2 or something like that.  Other information, such as the year of publication, number of pages, ISBN, genre, etc. is optional.  Please remember to keep your reviews spoiler-free.

    If you participated last year, feel free to use the same page to post your reviews, but please indicate which are the current year's books.

    Reading & reviewing books you've read before does count towards your total. Feel free to re-read!


3.  There is a separate page for your goals.  I encourage you to have a "number of books" goal and a "challenge" goal.  In order to qualify for the end-of-summer drawing, you must meet your personal goals and read & review at least 3 books. Again, if you participated last year, your goals are preserved on the Goals 2007 page. Please add a goal to the current list.


4.  There will be an end-of-summer drawing on September 9.  If you have read & reviewed at least 3 books and have met your goals, you'll be put in the drawing for a $10.00 Borders or Barnes & Noble gift card.


5.  Have fun!


Any questions?  Post them to the Help! page. 



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