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Reviews Idea

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 1 month ago

My idea for formatting and organizing the main review page along with individual review pages.


I declare everything between theese lines to be testing grounds for a more complicated way to list reviews involving each person creating their own new page devoted to their reviews and then "simply" listing and linking to individual reviews here. Kind of like my fake version here (including a trial link to a fake "review").


Kate: Review 0, Practicing Reference: Thoughts for Librarians and Legal Researchers (2006) NF

Jessie: Review 1, title info here

Katie: Review 0, title info here

Micaela: Review 1, Fake Title linking to spot on a new page

Elissa: Review 1, title info here

Katie: Review 1, title info here

Kate: Review 1, title info here

Jessie: Review 2, title info here

Micaela: Review 2, [http://srp2007.pbwiki.com/Micaela's+Book+Reviews#Review2TitleInfo|Fake Title Two]



Comments, Thoughts, etc:

Micaela: Right now I can't get the Link formatting function to let me do anything other than create a new page...which I don't want to do. TheHusband says to try using a different browser since that is a javascript thing. So I'm off to do that. Anyway. Please let me know what you think of this overall formatting and organizing idea. Creating it definitely is _not_ simplier, but maybe reading and browsing the wiki would be?


Micaela: So I'm trying some stuff in Safari now and do not really have a well functioning wysiwyg (bold, italic, strikethrough, bullets, numbered list, horizontal line, table, centering are all of my options), but have figured out how to link to Fake Title review. But I still have not figured out how to edit and add to the table of contents in "Micaela's Book Reviews" page. Speaking of next time that page is getting a simpler title/pagename like "Micaela Reviews". I left in the second bad link for Fake Title Two on purpose.


Micaela (6/3): Okay, so I figured out how to make the Table of Contents, info here: http://newfaq.pbwiki.com/TocPlugin. And so I've improved the look of my trial Review Page. Let me know if those ToC directions make sense (they didn't at first for me). And it seems the easiest way to link to a particular title within my review page to copy the URL and add it like any other hyperlink to the above list. And with the ToC I don't even have to count my reviews, it does that for me. Now I just need to read.


To use ToC in your review page:


1) With the cursor where you want to place the Table of Contents click on the "Insert Plugin" button, when the menu-box pops up hold the cursor over "PBwiki Magic". This will give you another menu of choices, pick "Table of Contents".


2) Now your menu-box should say, "Configure: Table of Contents (step 2 of 3)" and it has a drop down box for "depth". This means how deep the table of contents will be. Or in my brain, how many of the Heading (1, 2, and 3) formats will automatically show up in the ToC. Choose your depth, click next.


3) Now your menu-box should say, "Preview: Table of Contents (step 3 of 3)" and you click on "finish".


4) Whatever you want to show up in the ToC needs to be formatted/coded as the proper heading. So highlight your title/info to be in ToC and format it as a heading.


notes: I choose a ToC depth of 3 simply because I wanted my titles to be no bigger than Heading 3 would make them. Also, the ToC is numbered outline style, Heading 1 gets you numbers, Heading 2 gets your lower case letters, Heading 3 gets you lower case roman numerals. If you don't want your page name to show up in your ToC don't use the Heading feature to make it big.

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