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Post your 2008 SRP goals here!


Katie: Read and review 20 books. Challenge: Finally finish Jane Eyre! (Challenge complete)


Erin: Read and review 10 books.


1. No more than 6/10 books can be be fiction.

2. I would like to read 1 historical fiction, 1 biography, and 1 baseball-related book.


Kate: Read & review 15 books. Challenge: 2 NF; 1 classic.

nonfiction challenge complete 7/4

classic challenge complete 8/12

book total complete 8/24


Jaymi: Read and review 15 books. Challenge: read the entire Wreaththu collection. Challenge goal achieved on 8/14 at 5am.


Rita: Read and review 15 books.


1. Two of the 15 must foreign literature.

2. Read The Age of American Unreason by Susan Jacoby.


Cynthia: Read and review at least 5 books. Challenge: 1 classic I haven't read before.


Carrie: Read and review 10 books.

Challenge: No more than five can be by authors I've read before.


Liz: Read and review 20 books (Complete)


1. Read EM Forster's A Room With a View (Complete)

2. Reread The Chronicles of Narnia books (Complete)

3. Reread Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility (Complete), and Persuasion (Complete), and Pride and Prejudice (Complete)



Sara: Read 10 books - 2 Romance; 4 Non-fiction; 4 Fiction - No more than 5 can be by authors I've read before


Amy: Read & review 15 books.


1. Read the Narnia series

2. Read at least 2 books about "Innovation" from work


Micaela: Goal- Read and review 10 books (crash & burn). Challenge- finish at least 1 of the unfinished books on my to-read shelf (complete); 2 of the 10 will be non-fiction books (complete).


LizW: Read & review 20 books. Challenge: 4 non-fiction


Holly: Read and review 12 books. Challenge: finish all 10 books borrowed from the high school library. (Goal complete; challenge incomplete.)


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