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Goals - 2007

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Post your SRP goals here!


Cynthia: Read & review 15 books. Challenge: Read two non-fiction books that are not diet/exercise related.


Katie: Read & review 30 new-to-me books. (I may post reviews of rereads too, but they won't count toward the total.) Challenge: Read three books written before 1900.


Liza: Read & review 10 books. Challenge: Read at least three non-fiction books.


Amy: Read & review 10 books. Challenges: None will be new purchases, all of them have to come from my current unread shelf, or the public library. And returned to the library without fines. Also, at least two of the library books will be non-fiction.


AmyK: Read & review 25 books. Challenges: Reread the Little House on the Prairie series, read one "educational" non-fiction (I think this will be 1776 by David McCullough, because, you know, 4th of July, and I do love a theme) and one "classic," probably To Kill a Mockingbird.


Kate: Read & review 10 books. Challenges: Jane Eyre, two non-fiction.

7/5 update: I've met the nonfiction and 10 books goals. I'm upping my total books goal to 20, since it's the first week of July. :)

7/30 update: I've met the Jane Eyre and 20 book goal. Not sure what I'm doing now.


Erica: Read and review 10 books. Challenges: At least one of each of the following: a) nonfiction b) fantasy c)western d)sci-fi.


Jessie: Read and review 20 new-to-me books. Challenge: 1 classic that I haven't read, 1 literary fiction novel and 1 non-fiction about current events.


Alissa: Read and review 10 books. Challenge: At least one non-fiction and at least one Harry Potter.


Alison: Read and review 25 books (I will be reading lots of children's books over the summer to prep for my new job - I will count chapter books towards my total but not picture books). Challenge: Finish Swann's Way, the first part of Proust's In Search of Lost Time. I have read about 50 pages already, but I have lots of pages left.


Rita: Read and review 10 books, including audiobooks. Challenge: Read Narcissus and Goldmund, the revised edition of Armed Madhouse, and at least two of the books I've bought but not read in the past three years.


Laura: Read 20 books. Review at least 10 of them. Challenge: Read at least one non-fiction.


Erin: Read and review 10 books. Challenges: 1 historical fiction and 1 fantasy (not science-fiction).


LizW: Read & review 25 books. Challenge: Read at least three books by authors whose work I've read and enjoyed within the past year.


Sarena: I'll be happy to get 5 books read this summer! I'm starting small since I'm a newlywed who is planning on a major adjustment period! Challenge: Read 1 non-fiction book.


Liz: Read and review 20 books. Challenge: Re-read the His Dark Materials trilogy, read three classics that I missed, including Slaughterhouse Five.

Read Phiip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy - Done

Read and review 20 books - Done

Read Slaughterhouse Five - Done

Read two classics - Half complete with Over Sea, Under Stone ...  Unless we want to call Stardust a classic ;-)



Elissa: Read and review 10 books.  Challenge: At least one non fic and one fantasy book and the actual book reviews because I don't think I've ever done a non school related book review.


Aisling: Read and maybe review 25 books. Challenge: At least one book in a genre I would normally never pick up, probably fantasy since my husband enjoys them so we have stuff like the Wheel Of Time series around. And the book reviews are a challenge, I don't normally write reviews and I keep saying i'm going to start doing it. Here is my chance.


Sara:  My plan is to read and review 9 books this summer...One has to be in a genre I do not read ever:  Poetry!  That will be my challenge...and I may have to go to the Public Library to find a poetry book.


Micaela:  Read and review 13 books (one per week) with no more than 6 of them being YA books. Challenge: At least 1/3 the books I read should be non-fiction.


Jaymi: I have so many books in piles around my house. So I think a good goal for me is to read and review at least 10 books and clear off 2 surfaces from the book stacks.  Challenge: Read more fiction than non-fiction books. (I seem to read more non-fiction these days.)


Holly:  I hope to read and review 10 books, but we'll see how that goes between moving, job-searching and toddler-trailing. Challenge: I will read at least 2 books from my bought-but-not-read stack, plus Uncle Tom's Cabin.

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